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8th Basrah Oil Gas & Energy Conference & Exhibition

Basrah International Fair Ground, Basrah / Iraq

16-19 March 2023









8th Basrah Oil Gas & Energy Conference & Exhibition

8th Basrah Oil & Gas Exhibition will take place in Basrah International Fair Ground between 16-19 March 2023 as the unique oil and gas show in Iraq. It is the best opportunity to growth business network in this advantages location .

Iraq's energy sector is heavily based upon oil, with approximately 94 percent of its energy needs met with petroleum. In addition, crude oil export revenues accounted for over two-thirds of GDP in 2009.

The oil and gas market in Iraq is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 2.4% during the forecast period of 2020 – 2025. Factors such as increasing oil and natural gas production and consumption, upcoming pipeline infrastructure projects, plans to improve oil infrastructure across the country, and rising investment in all three oil and gas sectors are expected to boost the growth for the Iraq oil and gas market during the forecast period.
As oil is expected to remain one of the main components in the energy mix, it can become an opportunity for companies to exploit the conventional oilfields with excellent grade of oil at cheaper rates and increase their profitability.
The increasing number of projects in the oil and gas sector have helped push for growth in the industry. Companies around the globe are using their resources to improve their stake in the Iraq oil and gas market and trying to increase their gains in the coming years.

Basrah Oil & Gas will gather the sector professionals and investors this March 2023 and that is the reason why Basrah  Oil & Gas fair is the best way to enter the Iraq market.




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